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Hello Friend,

I hope you are excited about your vacation at Grand Panama! I wanted all my Residents to know policies, procedures, and a few of my favorite places to visit, while in town! Please forward a copy of this booklet to each member of your party, so that they will know, what is expected of them, especially since the reservation is under your name. It will make everyone’s trip run smoothly, if you know, what to do, where to go, and what to expect. I hope you enjoy your trip and let me know if there is anything I can do, to make your stay more pleasant. First and foremost, please go to and PRE-REGISTER. It will expedite the check-in process in the lobby, and they will have your parking passes, pet leashes and wristbands ready upon arrival.

24 HOURS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL: Put together a Zip-lock bag containing laundry pods, cascade pods, k-cup, or coffee supplies, dryer sheet, extra zip-lock bags for storage, etc.… That way you don’t have to purchase full-size items, for a week-long stay. I have provided you with a few sundries, to get you started until you have time to hit Wal-Mart. This is a courtesy only. It is your responsibility to get your own groceries. I have had people call and ask me for more, "to last them the whole trip". If you don’t want to purchase full size condiments, raid the fast-food places on the way down for extras.

The address here is 11807 Front Beach Rd. #2006, PCB, FL, 32407. Check-in is at 4pm and Check-out is 10am SHARP. (Housekeeping will usually check in with you around 9:30am, to make sure you are prepared to leave). Please bear with them, especially on Sat/Sun., because most Units are booked back-to-back, with only a 6-hour window, to prepare the unit for yourself or the next guest. Although you have the door code, it will not work before 4pm. If you plan to arrive early, we do offer Guaranteed EARLY CHECK-IN (1PM) for $60. Please text me @720-323-3392 to schedule. We can only offer this for the first few guests that request it. First come, first serve basis.

Upon arrival, you will check in at front desk in tower 2. If you haven’t stayed here before, the lobby is in the bottom of tower 2, under the parking deck. There are luggage carts outside the lobby, or on each floor of the parking decks. LUGGAGE CARTS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE UNIT. It is imperative to return carts to the first floor after unloading.

ENTRY TO THE CONDO: We have a Schlage keypad lock, so no need to keep up with a magnetic key! To unlock the door, touch the House logo in the lower left, then enter your code that we texted to you prior to arrival. If you enter the wrong code too many times, it will have to reset. Let the lock rest for 1 minute, then try again. Punch in your code slow and deliberate and listen to hear it unlock. The door will automatically lock after four minutes, but if you are leaving the unit, please push the lock icon on the lower left of the keypad

There is a Trash Chute located on each hallway.

Vending machines are located on P5, or room next to the Lobby in Tower 2.

The walk-over from Tower 1 to Tower 2, is located on the fifth floor (P5).

Parking can be tight, in the "round-about" parking deck, so please be respectful of other vehicles. There is also a smaller two-story parking garage to the west of the property, surface parking to the north of that garage, and surface parking outside around tower two. The front desk can explain in more detail at check in. Each guest is allowed 2 vehicles, and parking passes are $30 each, limit 2. Tower 1 guests, have handicap parking in front of the building, as well as underneath Tower 1. Parking is not assigned. It's first come, first served, and it can be very crowded during peak months. Never pass up a vacant space, and always display the parking pass given. THEY WILL TOW IF YOU DON’T DISPLAY PASS!

Call or text Chip Harris at 720-323-3392 if you have any issues, not the front desk as all units are privately owned and operated. If there is a safety or security issue, call security at 850-625-5960. Everything in your Unit has been checked, however we are only human. If there is anything we missed, please let us know. If you notice small maintenance issues that need tending, just leave a note or send a text and we won't interrupt your trip, but will fix it before the next guest arrives.

For example, slow drain, light bulb out, toilet that runs, etc... Of course, if it is something pertinent, don't hesitate to let us know, and we will send someone out ASAP.

Please, keep balcony doors closed, or your A/C will freeze up needlessly (Service call fee of $250 will be charged if this is the case, and I send someone out) If you think yours froze up, turn system off and allow to thaw, then turn back on. Keeping doors shut this time.

The condo has enough towels, wash cloths, pillows, and such, for up to 8 guests. We are different than a hotel. I don't have a 24-hour housekeeper with extra towels or supplies on her cart. Please also bring beach towels for use at the pool and beach. If security sees you with the unit white towels, they will notify me and you will be charged for new towels. Bring additional if needed or plan to do laundry while here. Please use Kleenex or paper towels to remove make-up, not the towels. Mascara is the devil to get out, so your cooperation would be appreciated.


Wifi is GP1-2006-Private. Password is donkeykong357

If the TV cable should lose signal. Don’t mess with remotes or start plugging and unplugging stuff. It will come back on shortly. If it doesn’t give us a call. All TVs are smart TVs, so you can also access all your apps on them.

Coolers and such... You may bring small coolers, into the pool area, to keep hydrated. Do not block walkways please. Put them behind your lounger. Glass is strictly prohibited on the pool decks, and BBQ grill areas. So, please drink from plastic glasses, and use a baking sheet, when transporting food, to and from BBQ Grills. Pools/hot tubs are Open from 8am-10pm. Please do not use profanity around the common areas. Throwing ANYTHING (cans, balloons, spit, cigarettes) IS ILLEGAL. Security will call the police and you will be asked to leave immediately without refund! Parents are responsible for their Children/Friends. No yelling off balconies or hanging towels or suits over railing.

Restrooms are located at the Tiki bar areas, of both pool decks. All babies/toddlers must wear swim-diapers when in the pools. Children 12 and younger, are not allowed in the hot tubs. Both pools have been newly renovated and are heated during the cooler seasons. There is also a Hot Tub and Fitness Center on the first floor of Tower 2. The rooftop pool is much quieter than the beach side pool. There are also gas grills near each pool for your use too! Beautiful place to watch the sunset and take photos!

Also, please check the hall closet when you arrive, before purchasing rafts, boogie boards, sand chairs etc. We provide one beach wagon, 4 beach chairs, and an umbrella. Some guests also leave unwanted beach items, so feel free to use them. For those that purchase these type items, and don't want to lug them back home, please leave them in the hall closet for others to enjoy! So, feel free to use anything there and just put them back when done.

Beach Service is typically available March – October, but not included. The Tiki Bar (at Beach side, tower 1) recently adopted a new menu. The Burgers are hand patted, and they make a good drink too! Open daily during peak season.

Pet Rules: Dogs, 25 lbs. (strict limit) are allowed with PRIOR APPROVAL from me, and a non-refundable $100 pet fee. All dogs must be up to date on shots/flea treatments and provide proof if needed. A copy of the COA pet policy is attached. Please read and fill out the registration page prior to arrival You will turn that form in, when picking up wristbands and parking passes. There is not any additional charge, they just need to know what pets are on property.

Pets are not allowed in lobby area during check in. Pet walk is on the backside (north) of tower 2 or there is a pet potty area, on the west side of Tower 1 building. Follow the sidewalk. Please don’t allow your dog to wander in the vacant lot next door as it’s full of painful burs. Do not let dogs urinate on grass areas near pool, carpeted areas, or columns, outside the lobby areas. Please use the designated "Pet walk" next to the west parking deck. Dogs are not allowed on the beach. Picking up after your dog is required and violations will result in fines from security. Dogs must be leashed when not in the condo. Owner of dog assumes ALL liability for said animal, while on the Grand Panama property. The Grand Panama COA, it affiliates, and Owner of said unit, shall be held harmless for any issues resulting in litigation regarding said Pet. Please crate your dog when not in the unit. If something breaks, or gets torn up, just tell me. You may or may not have to pay for it, but I want to make sure everything is ready for future guests. Constant barkers/whiners are not welcome and if multiple complaints are received, security will ask you to leave, and there will be no refunds issued. And lastly, don't try to sneak a dog in, or skirt the weight limit. Security will find out, and will promptly ask you to remove the pet from the resort or leave without refund. If you should need a Vet, or want to Board your dog, please use Breeze Animal Clinic, the number is (850) 233-7091. Located about 1 mi East on Back beach (98).

When preparing to leave...Please run dirty dishes (they can be left in dishwasher). Empty trash, and Pile dirty towels by front door, or feel free to start them for the housekeeper! If you see anything that needs additional attention, please leave a note for Housekeeping on the bar. Please text your name, and Unit number, to Chip Harris at 720-323-3392 so we can start preparing the unit, for the next guests. If you know that you are departing earlier than 10am, let us know in advance (sooner the better), so we can get a head-start! Many thanks!!!

If you leave beverages, the Housekeepers will be happy to carry on the party in your honor! Thank you for your contributions at the end of your vacation!

VRBO, Airbnb, etc. now gives both traveler and owner a chance to rate each other on this experience. I would greatly appreciate a kind "5-star review" once your trip is complete, if deserved on my VRBO, Airbnb, etc. site. I will do the same for you! If you had ANY issues, that make you feel my condo isn’t worthy of 5 stars, please send me a private email, so that I may do what is needed to achieve 5 stars from you in the future. Oh... And Friend-me on Face book (Chip Harris) I often run last minute specials when I have openings.

Your satisfaction is number one with me and having a top end experience is the goal. If there is anything you need, do not hesitate to call, text, or email.

Have fun, and Thanks again, for renting our beach escape!

-Chip and Trish Harris

Ps... Don’t pay the ridiculous VRBO and Airbnb service fees! Book direct at or text or email Chip Harris for more info.